“On July 30, 1992 Georgia there is an interpellation of the agreement on economics of economics, education, science and tourism. The "Chaglar" academic staffs looked at the way that the field of the field in the field of activity in the neighborhood of the area was a significant place..”

Chaglar Education Institute -Founder

Who We Are

In 1993, the president of the President of Georgia, the Institute of Education Studies, was approved by the Program for Studies in In 1994 , Tbilisi Shahin's house Friendship Lizard , 2004 in Kutaisi Nicholakoladze's House of Livestock, 2006 in Tbilisi International cafe, 2007 yearRussiaRustaviHelinessSchool, MarneuliDevelopmentChapter Prolonged studying centers. In 2003, the school-school "ray", which performs the task of the study of the government in the form of the first stage of the general education. In September 2008, the three-storey building in the three-storey building, Daydonskinskola -Leace "Rain" will function with 12 class 200 pupils and up to 80 pupils of the preparatory group.

The school has signs of heraldry: coat of arms, logo and hymn. School of Examination of the School of Excellence, Presentation, Biology, Informatics, Chess, Applied Artifacts, CABINETS, SPORTS AUTOVADES AND BOOKS. It is hereby learning the techniques of using the techniques that are inadequate. Everybody learns a computer with a personal workforce ability. The students of the biology classes are supervised by the teachers. The school has masters of the safety of the students and has a security. It is also useful for dining. The school is the administrative officer for the tasks of the school and the children, the children, the children, the children, the children, the children, the children, the children and the children. The school is comprised of the competition of high-profile professional selection. They are available in the modern technology of technologies and they are instructed by the teaching of the program.According to the New Age requests. The classes show the schoolworks for the graduate chairs that provide training for teaching work. The school offers the education of the Georgian government in the process of producing the standards, which results from the interest of the interested parties, adds different kinds of disciplines, independently implemented by training programs. In this way, the English language, Turkish and Russian languages; Informatics; mathematics; Chess; Dance; Speech culture, music; Visual Art. Knowledge testing is one of the essential conditions for testing healthy competition. For this purpose, diagnostic tests are conducted regularly in school. Our educators underestimate the hard work and effort spent in learning and learning. There is a lot of reward for the honors in the study. Children in the mathematics and informatics circles prepare for the Republican and International Olympiads, prepare projects for the competition of young inventors. "Skives" are actively involved in this competition.

School-Lyceum "Skhivi" is the founder of two Republican Olympiads. IV Classes Mathematics and "Motherland" Republican Olympiad for I-VI classes. To the Georgians of the Holy Spirit, please come from the love of the devotion to the Dayaniden. It should be noted that the school was supported by the "Skin" Foundation of the Georgian Institute of Social Sciences. The goal of the Mathematical Olympiad is to stimulate interest in mathematics; Development of logical thinking and analysis skills; Revealing and encouraging talented pupils; Experience to national and international Olympiads; In order to get a better understanding of the history of our country, there are often excursions in the city as well as in the city. Parents' meetings are held regularly in the School of Lyceum "Skhivi" of "Chaghlari" Educational Institution. Special attention is paid to the school and family and the harmonious attitude between the school and the student. To this end, teachers often visit parents in the family. With the help of the administration, picnics are conducted periodically. The initiative of the school is traditionally organized by the charity exhibition, which was attended by our schoolchildren. Meetings are often organized with high-profile students. The school has published "The Book of the Year", which reflects the school's one-year educational process and creative life.The school has its own web site and social network where all the information and novelties are available.We are looking at the world with the eyes of the world and the world of the eyes seen in the eyes of the children is fabulous ... Let's live in this fairy world.

What We Do

Best education for every children.